I made my own dinosaur film. Take that Jurassic World!

I don’t get a chance to make a lot of films, but this is one I’d wanted to make for a while.
I’d love to make it into a whole series of shorts. We’ll see what happens.

Grip it good – A new video from Mark Vargo

Pudovkin’s 5 Editing Techniques

Jamie Benning’s “Filmumentaries”

I don’t post a lot of links to other people’s content but I may start doing it more if I find some amazing sites or resources that I don’t believe are widely known.

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Let There Be light! – A new instructional video from Mark Vargo

Portfolio page updated

I have added four videos to my portfolio page. Two Progressive Insurance spots, a Klondike spot and a Nook spot. I did visual effects work on all of them. Take a look.

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YouTube Clip – The Cinematography of True Grit

This was an absolutely beautiful movie. If I ever shoot anything half as beautiful as any film Roger has shot I’ll consider myself a resounding success.

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