Jamie Benning’s “Filmumentaries”

I don’t post a lot of links to other people’s content but I may start doing it more if I find some amazing sites or resources that I don’t believe are widely known.

Which is why I’d like to point everyone in the direction of Jamie Benning’s “Filmumentaries“. I only just discovered them in the last week and they are fantastic! Jamie has put together several detailed behind the scenes documentaries. There is one for each of the Original “Star Wars” Trilogy and ones for “Jaws” and “Raiders of The Lost Ark”. If you’ve ever been disappointed that Spielberg never did a directors commentary “Raiding the Lost Ark” and “Inside Jaws” are a treasure trove of information. I highly recommend you check them all out.

Jamie Benning on Vimeo

Inside Jaws

Raiding the Lost Ark

Star Wars Begins

Building Empire

Returning to Jedi

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