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    February 03, 2011
  • Jon

    Excellent observations! I just watched “Double Life” for the first time, and googled “Double Life / Amelie” because Amelie’s whole “wooing by means of puzzles/clues” storyline seemed ripped right out of the earlier film (albeit in a more ‘modern’ form, in Amelie — insofar as the woman is equally the ‘wooer’!) But your observations about the visuals (the mirror and the motorcycle) really seal the deal: Jeunet either consciously or unconsciously had a lot of Kieslowski on the brain!

    April 16, 2011
  • Trisha

    Absolutely! I’m wonderstruck by the many and “obvious” similarities (took me a while to pinpoint them, though). I’m looking forward to watching both again with that in mind.

    June 05, 2011
    • evanerichards

      You know, I hate to admit it but “Double life” is one of the few films I’ve posted that I haven’t actually seen. I was comparing it completely from a visual standpoint. I look forward to watching it and comparing the stories too. I’ll reserve further opinion until then.

      June 05, 2011
  • Ashley Pomeroy

    You can see how the basic look – the colour palette – has been used by other films subsequently. I wonder how difficult it was to get consistent colours in the days before digital colour correction.

    March 09, 2013
  • Έλλην

    The is a lot of similarity indeed, even the girl looks like a more realistic ”Amelie”. Jeunet must have been a fan of Kielowski’s works and inspired by this film. I find it possible. Could you upload the cinematography of ”Three Colors: Red”? One of Kielowski’s finest films and a nominee for Best Cinematography at the Academy Awards.

    April 25, 2013

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